7 gift ideas for Father’s Day

Here at Melting Messages we love to celebrate, whether it's a birthday, anniversary or Father's Day. The Melting Messages team would love to share some of our ideas for the perfect gift for your dad.

01. A picture of him and you

One definition we've read is that 'a father carries pictures where his money used to be. You could treat your dad to a beautiful new wallet, complete with a picture of you and him!

02. A butchery class

Looking for something more original. Here's one for the dad who enjoys steak, ribs or lamb chops - think about a Butchery Class. There he can learn about different types and cuts of meat as well as the tools and skills needed to prepare it.

03. A personalised tee shirt

If your dad loves a tee shirt - there are lots of ways to personalise one with your chosen photo or images of his hobbies and interests.

04. Particular course with a pro

Sometimes something more sporty is called for. Consider getting a lesson with a 'pro' for his chosen sport - table tennis, golf or squash to name but a few.

05. A massage

Some dads love to be pampered, lots of salons now offer health and beauty treatments for men from massages to manicures.

06. A food hamper

For the foodie dad there are literally hundreds of ready made options to choose. However for a truly unique present why not fill a hamper with all the treats that you know your dad loves, gift wrap in cellophane or paper and add a card or label.

07. A wine tasting

Some dads enjoy a tipple! There are plenty of alcohol-themed gift ideas - we love the idea of a wine tasting tour complete with lunch or try a beer tasting box. There are options to suit every budget.




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